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What is MLS NEXT?

MLS NEXT is the new elite youth development platform for Major League Soccer. It is the successor to the Development Academy Program and will provide a more unified and consistent pathway for elite youth players in North America.

What are the benefits of participating in MLS NEXT?

There are many benefits to participating in MLS NEXT, including:

  • Increased exposure to professional coaches and scouts
  • Access to top-level competition
  • Development of individual skills and tactical understanding
  • Opportunities to play in tournaments and showcases
  • Networking with other top youth players

Tryouts: If my player is not a U13 / U14 how do they get evaluated for MLS Next?

As a NUSA policy ALL players must try out with their age group FIRST.  Once a player has been identified as a player with the potential to play in an older age group, the coach will reach out to the U13 – U15 Academy Director.  At this time we will reach out about evaluation with the older group.

How do I get involved in MLS NEXT?

Tryouts:  During the open window for TN State Soccer we will have tryouts for our U13 / U14 age groups.

Outside the open window:  If you are currently with a TN State Soccer club you will need to request a release and come to a training session to be evaluated.

What is the cost of participating in MLS NEXT?

You can find the costs for MLS Next here.  Please keep in mind we provide financial assistance to any player the qualifies.  You can find out more about our financial aid here.

What is the schedule for MLS NEXT?

NUSA will play in the South East League of MLS Next.  Most games will be played on the weekends.

What is the competition level for MLS NEXT?

The competition level for MLS NEXT is very high. The league features some of the best youth players in North America.

What is the coaching staff like for MLS NEXT?

The coaching staff for MLS NEXT is very experienced. The coaches are all A/B USSF licensed professionals who have a proven track record of developing elite youth players.

What is the environment like for MLS NEXT?

The environment for MLS NEXT is very competitive but also very supportive. The players are all working hard to improve their skills and to compete at the highest level.  Teams will train 4 days a week with one required rest day.

Can a player play for MLS Next AND Middle/High School soccer?

Yes!  MLS Next provides a “Future Player” designation that gives flexibility to players..  There is a maximum number of games the player can play under this category, please reach out to the Academy Director for more information!

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