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Nashville United Soccer Academy is for the player who is ready to take their development in this sport to the next level. Led by a highly experienced, professional NUSA coaching staff, your player will experience an increased volume of soccer in a focused, goal-oriented, competitive environment. Our competitive teams train 2x a week to further develop their technical skills and tactical understanding.

Our Academy Program allow players from U9-12 to develop at an accelerated pace.


Training Sessions

During training, players within their age range will be split into manageable groups with players who have similar technical skills and decision-making ability.

Practice Location(s)

Thompson Station Middle School, Soccer Field

2638 Clayton Arnold Rd, Thompson’s Station, TN 37179


The Lower Academies will play at least 2 local tournaments per season and at least 4 per year. Talented teams may play ‘up’ against older teams to challenge them. Lower Academies will also play local friendlies, may often have additional weekend training sessions and at least one weekend off per month.


Club Dues: $98 a month for 10 months.  Registration Fee $299

Team Dues: are determined seasonly (referee costs, tournament costs, etc).

Total Kit Cost: $171-185
(cost varies based on sizing)

Players interested in joining our Academy can register anytime throughout the year.


Training is structured using the whole – part – whole method to teach NUSA’s principles of play. The emphasis is on using small-sided games to teach players technique, decision making, soccer awareness, and soccer IQ. An objective will often be placed within these small sided games to highlight the principle of play being taught during the session. Our curriculum and principles of play are implemented throughout the club from U9-U19 which results in consistency in player development and NUSA’s style of play.

We believe with this model we can improve not only a player’s technical skill (ability with the ball) but also their autonomy, awareness, imagination, anticipation, and creativity.


Nashville United Soccer Academy coaches primarily use the “Guided Discovery” method of coaching for long term retention of information and to develop self-thinking players.

This method involves “guiding” players and letting them “discover” the learning objectives of a particular session.  This style of coaching encourages the players to become more involved and take ownership and responsibility in understanding the reasons why they make decisions on the soccer pitch.

We want to develop “self-thinking players” capable of making their own decisions on the field with limited instruction from the coach.

Creating Players for Life and Developing Champions of Character

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