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Our professional coaches are licensed through USSF and United Soccer Coaches.

The Director of Coaching is responsible for hiring new coaching staff at Nashville United Soccer Academy and will focus on finding qualified, experienced coaches who believe in our mission, vision, philosophy, and goals.

Our goal of player to coach ratio is around 12:1 in the lower academies, and 18:1 in the upper academies.

Players are continually assessed by our coaches to ensure they are training in a pool within their academy where they can achieve a measure of success while still being appropriately challenged.

Academy Lead Coaches will communicate with the parents on a consistent basis to provide constructive feedback on the Academies progress and training goals for the month ahead.

Individual player evaluations, with player and parents, will be provided during the calendar year.

In our older academies, our coaches will help guide players and parents through the recruiting and admissions process for college and university and for excelling players with professional clubs.

Player Development Program

Player Development Director - TBA

Coaching Team

Lamin Ceesay



Pre-Academy Director - Ryan Burton

Coaching Team

Gigi Ariola
Susie Cook
Anthony Dudley

Braeden Grundy

Jill Condon

Sam Fitch

Sisay Putty

NUSA U9/10 Boys

Director - Neil Howard

Coaching Team

Alec Barger

(Papo) Esteban Lestido

Baker Lockhart

Justin Moses

Jose Garcia

Jake Paduano

Jose Rodriguez

Alex Strope



NUSA U9/10 Girls

Director - Ally Morrell

NUSA U13/14 Boys

U13 MLS Next – Adam Harris

U13 Maroon – Jordi Escobar

U13 Navy – Claudiu Moraru

U13 Gold – TBA

U14 MLS Next – Jose Londono

U14 Maroon – Anthony O’Neill

U14 Navy – Julian Lucumi

U14 Gold –Thomas Campbell

NUSA U13/14 Girls

U13 Maroon -Head Coach:  Cassie Keogh / Asst Coach:  Graeme Boyle

U13 Navy – Stephanie Wallace

U14 Maroon – Tommy Cochran / Asst Coach:  Madison Smith

U14 Navy – Ryan Burton

U14 Gold – Alex Strope

NUSA U15/16 Boys

U15 Maroon – Jared MacLane

U15 Navy / Trapped – Thomas Campbell

U15 Gold – David Vazquez

U16 Maroon – Graeme Boyle

U16 Navy – Jordi Escobar

NUSA U15/16 Girls

U15 Maroon – Adam Harris / TBA

U15 Navy / Trapped – Stephanie Wallace

U15 Gold – TBA

U16 Maroon – Anthony O’Neill

U16 Navy – Jordi Escobar

NUSA U17/18/19 Boys

U17 Maroon – Adam Harris / Robbie Stewart

U17 Navy – Fitzroy Charles

U17 Gold – Karl Pugh

U18 Maroon – Ethan Keogh

U18 Navy – Jared Maclane

U18 Gold – Lamin Ceesay

U19 Maroon – Anthony O’Neill

NUSA U17/18/19 Girls

U17 Maroon – Ethan Keogh

U17 Navy – Jared MacLane

U18/19 Maroon – Robbie Stewart

U18 Navy – Grace Laster


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