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The Nashville United Soccer Academy (NUSA) Financial Aid Program was established to offer financial assistance to eligible candidates to help offset the costs associated with annual club dues. The amount of financial aid awarded to a recipient is contingent upon the number of applicants and the available funds per soccer season/fiscal year. NUSA relies solely on donations to fund the program.

Parents or Guardians are responsible for paying the club Registration Fee, buying the uniform, and any team costs associated with tournaments and travel.

Formal requests for Financial Aid must come from the player’s parents or legal guardian, via submission of the Financial Aid Application.

Financial Aid recipients must remain in Good Standing with NUSA, including responsibilities associated with the NUSA Code of Conduct, keeping current with team fees, and prompt regular attendance to training sessions, and games.

NUSA reserves the right to refuse financial assistance to any applicant, or rescind financial aid for any recipient who does not remain in Good Standing.

NUSA requires a copy of the most recent Federal tax return for both parents to accompany the application to confirm income. The Financial Aid Coordinator reserves the right to request any additional information relating to this application including but not limited to prior year’s tax returns, W-2s, and any other documents that assist with the assessment of financial need.

Players may begin the financial aid application process for the 2024-25 season by completing the application form found within PlayMetrics.  Instructions to complete the form are found here:

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